A morning adventure recommended for those who want to escape from the noise of the city.

The Dubai’s desert is very calm and welcoming to people who want to try out various activities like quad bikes, dune buggies, camel rides or sand-boarding. These desert activities are very trendy among the tourists to Dubai. Nothing like some adventure in the desert!

Dune buggies are for the extreme adventurer visiting Dubai and one of the most booked off-road ride among the residents. We have own fleet of dune buggies and assemble them ourselves at our workshop in the desert in order to customize it according to the needs of our clients. Dune buggy safari is for adults only, so you have to be 18 years or above in age to book this safari in Dubai. It is important to sign the disclaimer form before the ride and also to use the protective gear like helmets, goggles and seat-belts. Our crew at the camp with brief you before the ride and it is vital to follow the leader and stay with the convoy during the ride.

Quad bikes are available in two sizes and can be booked for the morning safari in Dubai. These are not as crazy as the dune buggies but surely fun to ride in the desert. These can also be booked for 40 – 60 minutes ride in and around the desert area.

Camel riding is another famous attraction for the visitors to Dubai. It is an entirely unique and unmatched experience to ride the ship of the desert. The camel trekking safari Dubai can be booked for 40 to 60 minutes and gives you an insight into the Bedouin lifestyle of the people of the country.

Sand—boarding in the desert is similar to snowboarding on the Alps and a truly terrific experience. Our desert safari guide will guide you on the do and don’t before you start this adventure and probably also teach you the same if required!

All these activities can either be booked separately or as a package and also be combined with the evening Dubai safari or overnight desert safari Dubai.